Engraving completed in three minutes, and the first domestic intelligent laser engraving machine was released

Recently, the 3D Intelligent Cloud laser engraving machine independently developed and produced by Donguan RuiFa Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was officially released. This is the first intelligent desktop laser engraving machine in China, filling the gap in the domestic market of household laser engraving machines. The reporter saw at the release site that as long as you import your hand-painted patterns and works into the computer connected to the laser engraving machine, put a piece of wood into the 3D cloud laser engraving machine, and click the start button, you can carve three-dimensional works in three or four minutes.
It is understood that this household laser engraving machine can not only carve wood, leather, leather, acrylic, plastic and other common materials for cutting, but also carve bread and fruit. Compared with the traditional laser engraving machine, this 3D laser engraving machine is not only small in size, but also has the functions of intelligent image extraction and one click engraving. Based on high-definition fisheye lens and AI computer vision algorithm, it integrates the technologies of Internet of things, cloud computing and new human-computer interaction. The system extracts patterns independently and automatically matches operation parameters. After one click start, the works you want to cut or carve can be presented.
At the scene, Yan Peng, product R & D Manager of Donguan RuiFa Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. , told reporters: the AI camera on this engraving machine can automatically recognize and extract patterns, automatically match parameters and automatically focus. Compared with the traditional machine, the steps of adjusting parameters such as power, focal length and cutting data are omitted. And it adopts a fully enclosed design, which is more secure. At the launch site, jinweike donated a newly released cloud laser engraving machine to two schools in Jinan high tech Zone, and also donated 1000 sets of learning tools to ten primary schools.
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Original title: engraving completed in three minutes, release of the first domestic intelligent laser engraving machine in China

Post time: Mar-11-2022